New Orleans (February 2022)

“Few people go to New Orleans because it’s a ‘normal’ city – or a ‘perfect’ or ‘safe’ one.  They go because it’s crazy, borderline dysfunctional, permissive, shabby, alcoholic, and bat shit crazy – and because it looks like nowhere else.” – Anthony Bourdain I mean, we admire the late Anthony Bourdain, but what would weContinue reading “New Orleans (February 2022)”

Suffolk County, Long Island (eating and drinking out!)

I’m writing (well, okay, typing) this completely off-the-cuff and sort of randomly! So, my wife and myself have lived in Suffolk County, Long Island for about four months now after moving from Queens, New York. We’ve tried a lot of restaurants, cafes, take-outs and bars, pubs and breweries. Here are some of my thoughts andContinue reading “Suffolk County, Long Island (eating and drinking out!)”

Quest for the best: fast food

Wow this topic could easily be an endless debate everywhere, with many disagreeing! As I’ve lived three quarters of my life in England and a quarter in the States, most of this article will be about those two with brief mentions of other countries visited. So…fish and chips! You see it on menus in AmericaContinue reading “Quest for the best: fast food”

Carmines, Williamsburg NY

Just a brief nod to one of our all-time favourites. Carmines, on Graham Avenue in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg area of Brooklyn has nothing to do with Carmines in Manhattan I’m told. We’ve always loved the Brooklyn Carmines. We first went here about twelve years ago with my wife’s family from Queens. From the start you couldContinue reading “Carmines, Williamsburg NY”

Rhinebeck and Kingston, Upstate NY

(December 2020) A little misty-murky this morning. I was thinking it might just be local weather but the light fog held all the two hour drive Upstate New York to our destination of Kingston. It added to the mild wintry atmosphere though, and was also photogenic! Our usual, local McDonald’s drive-through to get mcmuffins andContinue reading “Rhinebeck and Kingston, Upstate NY”