Quest for the best: Diners & ‘Greasy Spoon’ cafes…

This is more of a ‘watch this space’, evolving article than a fixed one and we’ll add/change it as we go along! Readers might like to make their own recommendations to us on any genre of eatery or bar/pub, which would be very welcome! Bear in mind that our sphere of travel in the nextContinue reading “Quest for the best: Diners & ‘Greasy Spoon’ cafes…”

Park Slope, Brooklyn & Korzo bar-restaurant

Saturday, November 23rd 2019 – Today, after our brunch at our friends café, Bagel Time, Marie drove us to Park Slope, Brooklyn, so we could drop off my painting for a Small Works exhibition at the 440 Gallery.  It was exciting to be part of a Brooklyn exhibition soon, and Brooklyn and Manhattan can potentiallyContinue reading “Park Slope, Brooklyn & Korzo bar-restaurant”

Keens Steakhouse NYC (and Fountain Pen Hospital)

I’m going to sound like I’m almost advertising the restaurant here, but I promise no one paid me anything!! We just love our traditional festive visit to Keens (though we’re more than happy to go twice next year, as we plan to possibly go with family & friends from Europe in Spring 2021, covid permitting).Continue reading “Keens Steakhouse NYC (and Fountain Pen Hospital)”

A day to remember in Newcastle (UK)

March 2019. (This was an excursion from Yorkshire, where Marie was working in Leeds for a couple of weeks) And to the big Match Day; our football/soccer team, Newcastle United, were playing Everton today! We took a 9am something morning train, passing many a scenic, sheep filled (rainy) landscape and arrived at Newcastle Station, whichContinue reading “A day to remember in Newcastle (UK)”