New England Part 3 – The Berkshires, MA

And to the third and final leg of our holiday: The Berkshires in Massachusetts. They run from, roughly, North Adams in the north to Sheffield and a little beyond to the south (ish). About 50 plus miles. The Berkshires even spill out a bit over MA to New York State. Marie had chosen for usContinue reading “New England Part 3 – The Berkshires, MA”

New England Part 2 – Keene, New Hampshire

Keene – the college town in South West New Hampshire – was the second leg of our trip following on from the Squam Lake region near the centre of the state. To be honest, I was nervous about Keene! Even though we were only staying for two nights. When we’d made plans for the trip,Continue reading “New England Part 2 – Keene, New Hampshire”

New England Part 1 – Squam Lake NH

(September 2020) We were originally going to Budapest, and to meet my brother, but then…covid happened! We couldn’t have asked more from an alternative trip though, and our ten days in New England surpassed our expectations! Every day was different, with an eclectic mix of activities (though with the common thread of some top notchContinue reading “New England Part 1 – Squam Lake NH”

my U.S citizenship!

I’m somewhat randomly posting this now, but I hope it’s both a fairly entertaining read and also gives anyone who has an upcoming U.S citizenship test a feeling of reassurance and confidence! Wednesday, April 24th2019: U.S Citizenship test (Holtsville in Long Island, New York) – Today was the test to get my American (and thereforeContinue reading “my U.S citizenship!”

3 outstanding places: vegetarian and vegan food!

Now then, now then, I have to say we’re not major vegetarian and vegan eaters at all. But we know what we like, and I believe that a few things we like are extraordinary! For us, the best vegan food is the sweeter stuff. Vegan cake can not only be delicious, but you don’t haveContinue reading “3 outstanding places: vegetarian and vegan food!”

Poconos: Stroudsburg and Jim Thorpe

(August 2020) Almost everyone here in New York seems to have been to the Poconos.  The Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania is a very large area overlooking the Delaware River, and is choc full of tourist activities and destinations.  Marie had been when a teenager, and stopped in the town of Stroudsburg barely over the borderContinue reading “Poconos: Stroudsburg and Jim Thorpe”