my travel photography

…well, some of my best travel photography! I have many more to gradually add, and exciting future trips as inspiration.

Pre-digital photography!

I went on a few exotic trips before I bought my first digital camera in around 2004. I carried around an SLR and sometimes an SLR and a TLR. A TLR – for anyone who doesn’t know – is a Twins Lens Reflex. Basically it’s one of those rectangle box cameras, really heavy, and when you take a photo you look down into the viewfinder. The image in the viewfinder is upside down, but it all works out! No, gunpowder does not go off when you take a photo (but, close). Because it’s medium format, the negative is bigger and the quality can be amazing. Of course it cost a lot; you can still use them now, but unless anything has changed you get only 12 negatives on a roll of expensive film. The format is square.

Of course digital is far, far more convenient and I haven’t looked back even though I just use a digital compact. If you ever use an old medium format, or even large format (5×4 or 10×8) the quality can be phenomenal.

Ahhh….the days and nights when I’d be carrying dishes of chemicals between my bathroom and the tiny darkroom in a cupboard in my old flat in England!

Below are a small handful of my old-fashioned prints; I’ve photographed the photographs for this site! With the initial (non-digital) please excuse the poor quality images!


Above is what I believe to be one of my best ever shots (the original is sharp and far better). It’s taken in Tripoli. A friend, Chris, and myself went on holiday/vacation to Lebanon in 1999. We’d been smoking a hookah pipe on the beach just down garden steps from the American University of Beirut a day or two before. Then we were exploring other cities and were at a modern cafe in Tripoli. My attempts at the hookah must have been a bit clumsy, because the waiter came over to show me how to smoke it properly. This is my photo of him showing me. I got lucky with the perfect amount of smoke dissipation, and with the right exposure (there is no light meter on a TLR camera; you have to work out what aperture and shutter speed to use!))


I spent a bit of time in Peru in 1995, staying with a family in Lima and going on an excursion to Cuzco.

Back then the idea of carrying luggage with wheels never occurred to me! Like my brother Martyn still does now, I carried a giant sports bag (often hauled over the shoulder) which got very heavy with contents that included pots and plates I bought as gifts.

These are just a few taken out of a shoe box full of 6 x 4 prints…


From here on in, I might not narrate so much and will just put the photos in the gallery. It’s now modfangled times, 2005 onwards up to 2020…

The UK

Hampstead, London


Stratford-upon-Avon, misty day (copyright Adam Hardy)






wild horses, Brecon Beacons in Wales

Brecon Beacons, Wales

Cardiff Bay, Wales


The Lake District, England

cat study, Inverness




North America

Montauk, Long Island (New York)

Sag Harbor, New York
The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon



above – New England, all photos Newport, RI except for the Boston squirrel!
Newport, RI

Central Park

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

Peggy’s Cove








Chris, Milan

Leiden, Netherlands

Leiden, Netherlands

Bruges, Belgium




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An Englishman in New York for around 15 years, I met a wonderful, beautiful, cannily smart and talented girl from Flushing, Queens whilst I was living in Manchester, UK, through the internet in 2005 and we married in Spring 2006! We both have a passion for travel, restaurants, history, music, all kinds of fun events. Who doesn't? I'm an artist and photographer, and also love to write. Anything creative really (you can keep your science and technology!). I've sent journals back home to family and friends for many years and they've often suggested I start a blog with writings pasted from my journals. So here it is!

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